The King and His Viziers

Once upon a time, a king summoned his three viziers and asked them three questions:

“How long does it take to go from the East to the West?  Which direction does the Lord look towards? How much money am I worth?”

The viziers couldn’t answer the questions right away, so the king gave them three days to find the answers. After several futile attempts, the viziers eventually found a miller who said that he had all the answers.

So the viziers brought the miller before the king. In response to the king’s first question, he said, “It is twenty four hours’ walking distance from east to west.”

As to which direction the Lord looks, the miller lit a candle and showed it to the king. “Just as this candle gives light in all directions, the Lord looks in all directions, too,” he said.

And as to the king’s worth, the miller said, “Jesus Christ was sold for thirty silvers, so you wouldn’t be worth more than that, my king.”

Pleased with the miller’s answers, the king generously rewarded him.

Image: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia