This project is a team effort undertaken by scholars, web developers, and information professionals from the South Caucasus and the United States. We are united by our fascination with the history and intellectual life of this region, as well as a shared interest in preserving and promoting its cultural heritage.

By providing a searchable, annotated collection of Oskar Schmerling’s illustrations in Azerbaijani, Georgian, Armenian, and Russian periodicals, along with archival documents related to his life and work, we hope to introduce users to the diverse print culture of the South Caucasus and to provide a high-quality scholarly resource for researchers and educators.

The works in this collection lend insight into the hotly debated political issues of the South Caucasus during the final years of the Russian Empire, including language use, education, religion, family and gender roles, ethnic conflict, economic development, foreign policy, and more. The collection is a work in progress, and we plan to periodically add new materials from archives and libraries in the region. 


Naomi Caffee, Reed College 

Robert Denis

Nino Tchogoshvili

Levan Taktakishvili

Ketevan Tomadze

Jason Addie

Kristina Darchia

Tatia Tevdorashvili

Anano Sharashenidze

Rati Giorgobiani

Angelina Lucento, National Research University Higher School of Economics

Daria Mazharova, National Research University Higher School of Economics