The Five Pieces of Mchadi

This is a story about a man named Zaqaria, who was so poor that his family could only bake and eat mchadi (traditional Georgian cornbread). One day the man left his house to find success and fortune, and he brought with him nothing but five pieces of mchadi.

On his way the man met a stranger named Gabo who appeared to be poor too, and he had no food at all. So the two men decided to travel together and Zaqaria promised to divide his mchadi with Gabo. However, when there was left only one piece of mchadi left in his bag, Zaqaria hid it from Gabo and ate it all himself.

During their adventure Gabo became wealthy and successful. He shared his fortune with Zaqaria. But before doing so, he asked him how many pieces of mchadi Zaqaria had in his bag when they first met. Zaqaria lied and told him there were only four. So Gabo gave Zaqarria his share of the fortune and sincerely wished him well.

As time passed, Zaqaria lost all of his fortune and became poor again. He committed a crime and was sentenced to death. Just before the execution, Gabo appeared from the crowd and asked the judges to stop. Then he asked Zaqaria again how many mchadis he had in his bag when they first met. Zaqaria lied again, and Gabo told the judges to continue with the execution. Just before being hung, Zaqaria finally admitted the truth. Gabo spoke to the judges and they exonerated Zaqaria.

At the end of the story, Gabo once again helped Zaqaria to find fortune. And he reached out to accept the money from Gabo, Zaqaria suddenly saw that there, standing in front of him, was the Archangel Gabriel. Gabo had been an angel following Zaqaria the whole time. He presented Zaqaria with the fortune and bade him to live truthfully.

Image: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia