This tale is about the king’s youngest son, Bolola, who set out from the palace to have several strange and quite bizarre adventures. (In the Georgian language, "bolo" means  "last," so the name "Bolola" means the youngest child in the family.)

The picture illustrates one of these adventures - an episode when the boy met eight brothers. At night, when the brothers were sleeping, Bolola ate their food and fell asleep among them. In the morning the brothers decided to give him a task, and if he coud accomplish it, they would spare his life.  

The brothers wanted Bolola to reach a flag that was hanging high up, nearly touching the sky, and bring it down to them. Although they had been trying to do this for fifteen years to no avail, Bolola reached the flag easily.

Meanwhile, a woman appeared in the sky and attempted to interrupt Bolola. But he defeated her and brought the flag to the brothers. In this way, Bolola helped them and also stayed alive.

Finally, Bolola visited a house where he overheard a conversation between three sisters. He found out that that they had tried to thwart his adventures. But since Bolola had successfully overcome all of them, now the sisters were amazed by his skills.

When Bolola introduced himself to the sisters, each of them asked for his hand in marriage. Bolola brought the three sisters to his palace. Two of them became wives of his elder brothers, and Bolola himself married the youngest sister.

Image: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia