The New Work of Ambrosius

The illustration and its accompanying text tells us about the “new work” of contemporary patriarch of Georgia, Ambrosius.


According to the article, Ambrosius compares Jesus to mensheviks and Muhammad to bolsheviks, and does not do so groundlessly. “Like Jesus, mensheviks came first, they also tried to establish a happy life among people peacefully, not like bolsheviks who came by fire and sword. Thus, Jesus was a liberal, reformator and opportunist, unlike Muhammad, who was a revolutionary, radicalist and activist, just like bolsheviks.” “Christ said: love thy neighbor as thyself and although he was against polygamy, he had lots of minions/faves. He loved Magdalene like his true wife and paid “a great deal of respect” to her as well. On the contrary, Muhammad preached polygamy, so we can see the sameness of Jesus and mensheviks and Muhammad and bolsheviks.”




Ambrosius of Georgia

Source: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia