Tbilisi School of Gardens

The poem accompanying the picture describes the Tbilisi School of Gardens that was located in Didube quarter, near the “Mushthaid” garden. The school is in poor condition: the classrooms are like rooms in a prison; there is no sunlight; the windows and doors are in poor condition; the floor is made of cement and is terribly cold; and the bedrooms and dining rooms are dirty and cold. Thus, most of the students suffer from rheumatism. 

Moreover, the school doesn’t have a flower garden, a vegetable garden or an apiary anymore. There is no firewood, kerosene, wine or water. The school has no discipline or regulations anymore.

In the picture we see how creditors visit the school all the time. The dogs bark at them, but still no one is afraid! At the end of the poem, the author believes the school wouldn’t be able to function after the summer.

Source: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia