Page 4 of Schmerling's Résumé

This is the fourth and final page of a résumé filled out by Schmerling in 1914 when he became a drawing instructor at the Mikhailov Trade School in Tbilisi. Very few of Schmerling's documents have survived, making this résumé a primary source for basic biographical information.

Although Schmerling's birthplace is usually cited as Tbilisi, here he indicated that he was born 370 miles to the north in Stavropol (known until 1935 in Russian as 'Stavropol Kavkazskii'). Since this document seems to have been written by Schmerling himself, and as it's the only primary source we've found indicating his birthplace, we believe that Stavropol is in fact correct. See the annotations for a full translation.

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Source: National Archives of Georgia, f. 192, op. 5A, d. 4868