Mestviruli (2)

The creature depicted here sings Mestviruli*. The poem beneath the illustration starts with him praising the arrival of spring, with its beautiful birds and flowers. 

The poem then becomes satirical and focuses on social events of that period. The creature mentions an editor, named Gotua. He says that recently Gotua has behaved improperly, which is why the creature is going to punish him with a whip.**

Next, the poem narrates a meeting between Lanchkhuti teachers. It is said that the president of the meeting and some of his followers try to delight their master. That is why they annul some questions at the meeting.***


*Mestviruli - the genre of Georgian folk poetry that was performed along with the rhythm of bagpipes.

**Although we are not given a name of the person, it can be assumed that this is Georgian writer, playwright, publicist, and journalist, Parthen Gotua (1873-1936). 

*** Again, there are not specific details of the meeting and the affairs of the president.

Source: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia