A Trust of Soap

In the text accompanying the caricature, the members of Tartarozi state that they are well aware of the demand on high quality soaps among the women of Georgia. They also acknowledge that those kinds of imported perfumes are easily found during revisions. Thus, they have come up with a plan and opened a laundry soap bar factory. 

Since the main ingredient in such soap is fat, there is an abundance of materials: “well-fed clergy, big-bellied speculators, fattened merchants, leftover nobility that still have some of it’s much needed fat and well-nourished bureaucrats and officials - the best and the cheapest materials right at our fingertips!”

The authors do warn us that the soap will have an unbearable stink, since it’s made out of rotten ingredients, however, there are so many people who need washing and there are so many resources, that Tartarozi will definitely make a substantial profit off of it.




Source: The National Parliamentary Library of Georgia